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Events with Heart and Soul:
The Gravel Road Market Way

Gravel Road brings you the best in antique and craft festivals as well as unique events. Many of our events feature some of the original cast members of iconic shows like Little House on the Prairie, the Waltons, the Dukes of Hazzard, and even hit movies like Grease. These events have something for everyone, from shopping for unique, one-of-a-kind items, to meeting your favorite TV stars in person. Each event is carefully curated to ensure that all visitors have an experience to remember.

About Us

At Gravel Road, we believe in the power of nostalgia to create unforgettable family-friendly events. Our team of event planners and production experts work together to bring classic TV shows and your favorite movies back to life for a new generation of fans.

Nellie Oleson of Little House on the Prairie

Events Created To

Bring Classic TV to Life

Dean Butler - Almanzo Wilder of Little House on the Prairie

Our Promise

Something for Everyone

At Gravel Road Market, we are known for our exceptional family-friendly events, featuring VIP experiences with opportunities to meet and interact with original cast members from TV shows and movies you loved growing up! Our dedicated team is passionate about creating one-of-a-kind experiences and crafting events that exceed your highest expectations. You'll find the best events in life happen Along the Gravel Road!

Miss Beadle of Little House on the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie

Up Close and Personal

Little House on the Prairie is all set to celebrate their 50th anniversary!

We'll be there to make sure YOU get to be part of it all. Coming in 2024, you don't want to miss our 

Little House on the Prairie 50th Anniversary Cast Tour!!

The Dukes of Hazzard

Dukes of Hazzard

Meet the Good Ol' Boys

Remember the days of Dukes of Hazzard? Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrane just never could seem to catch up to them, but you can with a VIP experience at one of our many events!

The Waltons

The Waltons

Meet Your Favorites

Relive your favorite Walton Mountain moments at one Gravel Road's "The Mountain Remembers" events coming up in 2024 with original cast members!

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta of Grease


Experience the Magic

Our meet and greets provide fans with the opportunity to meet and chat with their favorite cast members. From autographs to photo opportunities, these events are a must for any true fan.

Catherine Bach-Tom Wopat-John Schneider.jpg

Giving You Access

Murder Mystery Dinners & More!

At Gravel Road, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to authenticity. From venues to menus, we go above and beyond to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for our clients and attendees.

Grease Meet and Greet.jpg

Want to be a vendor at an upcoming Gravel Road Markets LLC event?

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