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Wanting to Attend a Fan Event but Don't Know What to Expect?

Updated: Apr 24

First, expect to have a great time! We love doing what we do and all the original cast members love getting to visit with fans at a fan event!

Yes, there may be a line and yes, you may have to wait in it - BUT it will be worth it! We don't rush you through. You'll get to meet, get autographs, and even take a few selfies with each and every cast member present, if you so choose!

Yes, they do charge a fee for autographed photos and selfies, but it's minimal (usually under $20) - so bringing cash is a great idea. Many of the cast members also have merch at their tables you might want to purchase as well!

Because there may be a wait involved, please wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing, so you'll have your best smile on when you get to the meet and greet tables. :)

We usually have a catered lunch available on the premises, so plan to hang around for a while and enjoy the atmosphere and the moment.

All of our events are family-friendly, so we hope you'll load up grandma AND the kids and make plans to attend a Gravel Road Market event near you soon!

Jack Bishop and Santa Claus with actress Olivia Barash and Pamela Roylance at a Christmas event in Mountain Home, Arkansas at the Lodge Between the Lakes.
Jack Bishop, Santa Claus, and the Gals from Walnut Grove

Pictured above: Gravel Road Market Event Producer Jack Bishop, Little House on the Prairie's Sylvia Webb - Olivia Barash, Santa Claus, and Little House on the Prairie's Sarah Carter - Pamela Roylance

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