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You Be Honest and I'll Be Frank - Let's Talk a Little Dean Butler!

Updated: Apr 24

Dean Butler at a Gravel Road Markets LLC fan event

I had watched Dean Butler throughout the weekend, along with all the Little House cast. It was a Gravel Road Markets LLC 50th Anniversary event at Patti's 1880s Settlement in Grand Rivers, Kentucky.

Little House cast

A weekend fan event goes something like this:

The cast travels across the country to attend and take time with fans at a series of events including meet & greets for the general public, premier dinners, and VIP breakfasts where they actually sit down at the table WITH THE FANS and have a meal - or two or three.

Dean Butler at a Gravel Road Markets LLC fan event

Fans wait in lines for hours at the meet & greets just to have the opportunity to exchange a few words with the characters they fell in love with and maybe get an autograph or take a selfie with them as well.

You never know, you may even get the cast to do their own version of a song or two... Here's Dean doing Old Dan Tucker below!

It's easy to put yourself in the place of one of the fans of Little House on the Prairie - because who isn't?? But working on the inside, behind the scenes more or less, I've watched it all from the perspective of the cast - always smiling, always listening, and always giving - of themselves - to folks they do not know, but cherish all the same.

Dean Butler at a Gravel Road Markets LLC fan event

Dean never ran out of smiles all weekend long. But what impressed me the most was when, after the last fan event was over for the weekend, he took time to climb into a Ford Expedition that evening with host, Kelly Hurd, and record an episode of the Along the Gravel Road podcast where he was so personable and vulnerable with his own story as he shared the inspiration for writing his soon-to-be-released book - Prairie Man - by Kensington Publishers.

Dean Butler and Prairie Man

The Along the Gravel Road podcast episode is titled "You Be Honest and I'll Be Frank" after the conversation had that evening. Honest because it was a conversation taking place between friends - and frank because this is only the beginning for Little House's Almanzo Wilder - actor Dean Butler - and Kelly Hurd told him so!

Pre-order your copy today and be sure to come and meet Dean Butler at an upcoming Gravel Road Markets LLC fan event!

To listen to the podcast, click the button below.

Gravel Roa

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