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Who's Gonna Fill the Crowd?

Updated: Apr 24

Did you know MICHAEL LANDON once performed on stage in his younger days??!!!

We recently met the owners of what was once Johnny Cash's Farm, now Storytellers Hideaway Farm and Museum, in Bon Aqua, Tenessee - and they are quite the collectors!

They have a collection of old photographs of country music legends, Elvis, and even Michael Landon - on stage or behind the scenes in the very beginnings of their careers! AND, THAT's NOT ALL...

Owner, Brian Oxley, is also quite the songwriter - and he has written the song in this video and given Along the Gravel Road/Gravel Road Markets LLC permission to use it AS OUR THEME SONG for all the Little House events this year!!❤️

Below is a video Brian sent us over the weekend, bringing his song, "Who's Gonna Fill The Crowd," to life with some of the photos from his collection - including, and oh so fitting for the occasion - Michael Landon! 🥰

Thank you, Brian and Sally Oxley, for your heart for the very same treasures that have made Little House resonate for 50 years now - those good ol' rural-rooted, Americana values once absorbed from a growing-up time on hard-backed wooden pews in buildings with steeples like the one in Walnut Grove. 🙌🙌

Listen in and we hope you enjoy the video and song! We LOVE it!!

AND, We hope you'll make plans to attend an upcoming Little House on the Prairie 50th Anniversary Cast Reunion Fan Event this year!😊

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Apr 23

Very beautiful song I loved it

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