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The Waltons Fall Fest Was AMAZING!

Gravel Road Markets LLC strives to create memorable experiences at our events. We do this by creating a setting which allows attendees to get to know some of their favorite characters from television's finest hours. The Waltons Fall Fest event in Mayfield, Kentucky was no exception.

From the meet and greet to the VIP events, it was a memorable weekend filled with touching moments!

Where else do you get the chance to visit with Ben, Elizabeth, and Erin Walton??

You might just recognize Mary Ellen in the background!

Our focus is on sending you home with a smile and the crowds in Kentucky loved every minute of it - from the nostalgia to the food - all weekend long!

Thank you to Fontenot's Bistro for the amazing spread on the tables - and also for the photos of the weekend!

If you've been thinking the good ol' days are in the past, think again - and think about attending the next Gravel Road Markets LLC event near you!

For information on all the upcoming events, including Little House on the Prairie's 50th Anniversary - click here.

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