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Talking Grace with Grace in Johnny Cash's Kitchen

Updated: Apr 24

We landed in Nashville, headed for Patti's 1880s Settlement in Kentucky for a Little House 50th Anniversary event - and that's how this story begins...

On a whim, three gals - Wendi Lou Lee (Grace Ingalls), Kelly Hurd (Along the Gravel Road podcast host), and Gravel Road Markets LLC's photographer Cindy Lynne Alba - having time to spare, decided to head towards Lyles, Tennessee to visit Johnny Cash's farm.

Not only did these three not realize the farm wasn't open to the public on this particular day, they also didn't realize history was about to be made - as Gravel Road Markets LLC Executive Producer, Jack Bishop, was making a phone call on their behalf to a friend of a friend. AND - when these three gals arrived, they were not only greeted by a farm neighbor, Wayne but also by Mark and Shelbi Cash, Johnny Cash's nephew and wife!

Before the day was over, farm owners, Brian and Sally Oxley, also treated the trio to a farmhouse lunch around the kitchen table and graciously allowed the recording of the most recent episode of the Along the Gravel Road podcast!

And, just when you think it can't get any better, Mark gets his uncle's guitar and treats the room to a private concert!

We hope you'll enjoy this episode where the talk is genuine rather than generic. Tears welled in eyes, as stories of real life from the heart were shared around that kitchen table.

Guess what! You're invited to experience this place of peace where Johnny Cash found solace. Join us in September as the cast of Little House hosts one of their 50th Anniversary Cast Reunions - but you might want to think about getting your tickets now before they sell out!


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