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Simply Susan - McCray, that is!

Updated: Apr 24

Susan McCray is many things - a TV/movie producer, a radio host, an author, and an entrepreneur - but one of the things she is most known for is the role she played in casting America's favorite characters in Little House on the Prairie!

What started out as a working friendship with Michael Landon turned into a life-changing relationship with what became known as the family of actors and actresses behind the scenes of NBC's Monday night prime time hit from 1974-1983.

Recently Susan took time to sit down with Along the Gravel Road podcast host, Kelly Hurd, to reminisce about what those days were like when the legends we all love came together to leave their mark in history with a show that is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary and still resonates with viewers around the world today.

We hope you'll enjoy this two-part interview with Susan McCray!

Part 1 is live and Part 2 is coming soon. To find out more about Susan McCray, please visit her website.

You just never know whom you might meet Along the Gravel Road!

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