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Podcasting with the Prairie Man, Himself - A Visit with Almanzo

Updated: Apr 24

Dean Butler's first book is coming out in July of 2024, and he took a little time to visit about the writing of it and shared a few insightful, personal reflections of the Providence involved in his landing the part of Almanzo Wilder on Little House on the Prairie in our latest podcast episode of Along the Gravel Road.

Please note, the occasional sound glitches from this interview are due to it taking place over the phone. During our conversation, I sat perched at my kitchen bar, listening intently, recording the moment, amazed at the Providence in my own life that seemed to have prepared me as well to navigate an interview with the man behind the character whom I had watched on my TV screen while growing up in a small Texas town so many years ago...and now here we were talking, as if we were old friends.

You just might feel the same way when you attend one of our upcoming Little House on the Prairie events where you'll get to meet original cast members from one of America's favorite shows! We hope you'll subscribe to our Gravel Road Market blog and the Along the Gravel Road podcast where we're giving you access to the good ol' days like never before!

You're in for a treat with this episode!

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