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Nellie Oleson Tells It Like It Is

Updated: Apr 24

Chosen and highly favored, is what you might call Alison Arngrim's experience with attaining the role of Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie back in the 1970s.

She recently told Along the Gravel Road podcast host, Kelly Hurd, "We received the call from my agent that I had gotten the part shortly after we arrived back home from the interview, which wasn't a very long drive."

Grab yourself a gumball and listen in to a visit with "Nellie" and Kelly as they have a few laughs at Willie's (Jonathan Gilbert) expense as Alison lets listeners in the back door of the movie set for an inside look into the world of Little House on the Prairie - from the dressing rooms to the personalities!

Enjoy hearing Nellie's perspective on going from nasty to nice and what she thought the first time she saw Nancy wearing her wig! This episode is soon to be a favorite - and we're happy to let you know it's now live for you to enjoy!

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