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Lorenzo Lamas Took Time to be a Guest on Along the Gravel Road!

Updated: Apr 24


Did you ever wish Sandy would have ended up with the football player in the movie Grease? The character's name was Tom, and he seemed so nice and clean cut, you know?...

Well, I'm sure you realize that Tom was played by a young actor who was soon to become American heartthrob - Lorenzo Lamas!

You may remember Lorenzo from Falcon Crest where he played Lance Cumson - or maybe you remember his as Hector Ramirez on The Bold and the Beautiful. If you do, we have some good news for you!

Not only will Lorenzo Lamas be attending - IN PERSON -

the upcoming

GREASE IS THE WORD fan event April 19-20 in Grand Rivers, Kentucky

at Patti's 1880s Settlement,

but he also took time to be a guest on our

with host Kelly Hurd!!

Click the button below for the podcast episode.

Grease is the Word Fan Event at Patti's 1880s Settlement

For tickets and more information on the upcoming Grease is the Word fan event, click below.

Grease is the Word Drive-In Movie Event

Hope to see you in Kentucky!

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