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Little House on the Prairie Visits Pawhuska

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Two young girls dressed in prairie clothes at a fan event in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.
Little House on the Prairie Helpers

We can't see Pawhuska in our rearview mirror and not take just a moment to send out some appreciation to the family that runs Tallgrass Prairie Flowers in Pawhuska! Tony and Tina Avallone and their family volunteered and gave from the heart in every aspect of this event - right down to the table floral arrangements at our VIP events and the gift bags filled with Pawhuska merch for our guests!

The cast of Little House on the Prairie along with Laura Teague at the Cross Bell Ranch in Osage County, Oklahoma. Cast members include: Pamela Roylance (Sarah Carter), Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson), Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle), Dean Butler ( Almanzo Wilder), Olivia Barash (Sylvia Webb), Jennifer Donati (Baby Rose Wilder), and Wendi Lou Lee (Grace Ingalls)..
Little House on the Prairie at the Cross Bell Ranch in Osage County, Oklahoma

See that lady standing up on the far right in the pic above? That's Laura Teague. She opened up the Cross Bell Ranch for the entire cast to enjoy over the weekend. The Cross Bell Ranch is located in Osage County amongst some of the prettiest country you will ever come across. The Teague family welcomed us in as their guests - and by the time we left, we felt like we were family. That's what we call the gift of hospitality - and we enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you, Gary and Laura Teague! We definitely hope to #MeetYouAtTheCrossBell again one day!

Little House on the Prairie cast with Kelly Hurd, host of Along the Gravel Road and Jack Bishop, Executive Event Producer for Gravel Road Markets LLC at the Cross Bell Ranch in Osage County, Oklahoma.
Recording the first episode of the Along the Gravel Road Podcast

AND... be on the lookout for our brand-new upcoming podcast called "Along the Gravel Road!" Our very first episode was recorded the Sunday evening after all the events and festivities were over. The cast of Little House on the Prairie gathered around a wooden table out in a rock barn on the Cross Bell Ranch in beautiful Osage County, Oklahoma and told some stories never before published about how it all began, what Michael Landon was really like, and what it all means 50 years later! Hosted by Kelly Hurd of Kelly Hurd Consulting LLC.

Thank you also to the Old West Buffalo Company for the delicious welcome lunch upon our arrival! We never thought we'd get to feed a buffalo - but we did!

We'd recommend a visit to Pawhuska, Oklahoma to anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and we've been told it's a place where wholesome goodness is in no short supply and where #TheSmilesAreAlwaysFree!

P.S. Photo credits: Prairie Cowgirl Photography by Cindy Lynne Alba

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Laura Teague
Laura Teague
Sep 27, 2023

So exciting to relive a piece of my childhood. These folks seemed to have lived among our family--it was a style of living I longed for... simple, yet hard.

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