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History Maker and Culture Shaper - Susan McCray

Updated: Apr 24

Susan McCray headshot photo.
Little House on the Prairie Casting Director - Susan McCray

You might not recognize her... but this gal shaped history! She's the casting director behind shows like Little House on the Prairie, Happy Days, Kung Fu, Laverne & Shirley, and more - and she took time to sit down with host, Kelly Hurd, to record a little podcast episode where she's talking about Michael Landon being the best man in her wedding, Melissa Gilbert's casting call, and so much more - INCLUDING her knowing and admiring one of Osage County, Oklahoma's own and John Wayne's friend - cowboy actor, Ben Johnson!

Meet Susan McCray, a visionary with one of the best insights and attitudes you'll ever find anywhere and take a listen to the latest episode of Along the Gravel Road - Simply Susan, part 2. You'll be glad you did!

AND did you know Susan is playing a big part in helping us get ready for Little House on the Prairie's 50th Anniversary in 2024? Check out the upcoming anniversary events!

Podcast sponsored by Gravel Road Markets LLC.

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