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Great Things Are Happening "Along the Gravel Road!"

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Something magical just happened in a magical place called Osage County, Oklahoma where the recently-filmed, soon-to-be-released story behind the Apple Movie, "Killers of the Flower Moon" took place over a hundred years ago. Two years back, movie crews and actors to the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro descended upon this territory to film what will most likely be the next blockbuster hit of the big screen...

This isn't Osage County's first rodeo, you might say, when it comes to attracting the who's who of Hollywood - or the world's stage.

Ben Johnson photos.
Cowboy Actor - Ben Johnson - from Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Not only do the ranches of Osage County whisper of murder and mystery - they also sing the song of the genuine cowboy and boast of once being home to John Wayne's actor friend, the late Ben Johnson who grew up just north of Pawhuska on the Chapman Barnard Ranch. The tall tales say that actor Ben Johnson and counterpart, John Wayne would often be seen walking the streets of Pawhuska on one of their visits to Johnson's old stomping grounds.

Larry Sellers of Pawhuska, Oklahoma as Cloud Dancing on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.
Cloud Dancing on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

If you listen closely, you may even hear the theme song to Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, as the late Larry Sellers (Cloud Dancing) also called Osage County home.

Outside of the Pioneer Woman Mercantile in downtown Pawhuska, Oklahoma under blue skies.
The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Then of course, we have present-day resident, Food Network's own Pioneer Woman who lives just west of Pawhuska with her husband whom she affectionately calls "her Marlboro Man." Folks come from everywhere to visit The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Pawhuska.

But! That's not what we're talking about here...

Katherine McGregor and Alison Arngrim in Little House on the Prairie.
Mrs. Oleson and Nelli

We are talking a moment in time when original cast members of Little House on the Prairie came to Osage County, Pawhuska in particular, for the Prairie Folks Antique and Craft Festival, and found themselves around a table - out in a barn - in the middle of heaven - on the Cross Bell Ranch in Osage County - recording a podcast that just might touch your heart, make you laugh, and let you step back in time to an era when NBC ruled the prime time slot on Monday nights.

Photo credit of LHOTP present-day cast above and all below: Prairie Cowgirl Photography by Cindy Lynne Alba

Listen in to Almanzo and Nellie reminisce about cinnamon chicken. Hear stories of Miss Beadle's first audition. Hear first impressions of Michael Landon.

The "Along the Gravel Road" podcast with the Little House crew can be found in Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2.

We hope you'll subscribe to Gravel Road Market's newest media outlet for insightful and creative interviews with original cast members from some of television's most iconic shows - along with updates of upcoming events where YOU can meet original cast members!

We hope you'll enjoy the journey "Along the Gravel Road."

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