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Christmas Gifts You Won't Find Any Other Place!

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Let the most wonderful time of the year inspire you to treat your loved ones to a holiday event with cast members of Little House on the Prairie or The Waltons at one of Gravel Road Markets LLC's Christmas markets!

Click here to see event schedules.

Plus, we reached out to original cast members asking them for links to their own website pages where you can purchase stocking stuffers and treasures for your tree directly from your favorite characters of yesteryear's iconic classics!

Here are a few Little House on the Prairie links:

Here are a few links from the "kids" on The Waltons:

Check out The Dukes of Hazzard links:

More links coming soon from more of your favorite original cast members!

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2 comentários

Dean Butler
Dean Butler
04 de out. de 2023

Kelly crafted a very nice conversation with our Little House family members. So much fun. Thanks!

Dean Butler

02 de abr.
Respondendo a

Thank you, Dean

Kelly Hurd

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