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A Walton Weekend @Johnny Cash's Farm

The atmosphere was filled with nostalgia, accentuated by century-old Walnut trees along a spring-fed creek trickling at the base of Tennesse hills, adorned by a meticulously maintained farm once belonging to Johnny Cash, and attended by admiring fans coming from as far away as Canada, upstate New York, and Wisconsin.

The Waltons on the front porch of what was once Johnny Cash's farmhouse in Bon Aqua, Tennessee

The Waltons were on the porch, but it wasn't on Walton's Mountain in Virginia. This porch had history though, as it once belonged to country music legend, Johnny Cash!

Located approximately 45 minutes from Nashville is Bon Aqua, Tennessee - a forgotten little community amidst beautiful scenery - and just about a mile outside of Bon Aqua is the farm that Johnny Cash referred to as the "center of his universe."

Known today as Storytellers Hideaway Farm, the Oxley family who owns the 107-acre property, has invested millions into turning it into one of the best event venues in Tennessee!

Even Tony Becker who played Elizabeth Walton's boyfriend, Drew, was in attendance!

And, you'll be happy to know that G.W. Haines (David Doremus) was there as well!! Here is David pictured below with the second-place pie baking contest winner.

Before we conclude this post, we would be amiss if we didn't mention that Johnny Cash's nephew, Mark Allen Cash, was also in attendance and entertained the crowd throughout the weekend! (You can find his music on iTunes!)

Just take a listen to what this couple who came all the way from Canada had to say!

Plans are in the works for an upcoming event with the Waltons in the northeastern part of the country this fall!! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and our blog for updated information on Gravel Road Markets LLC fan events like The Waltons Summer Fest that just took place in Tennessee!!

We hope to see you Along the Gravel Road soon!

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